Breast pump

Making high quality pumps since 1999. Cimilre was spun-off from “SpeCtra” in 2016 to become its own high quality, premium breastfeeding brand

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Storage Solution

A unique milk temperature sensor which changes the color of transparent Cimilre LOGO to pink when milk has reached proper room temperature

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A wide range of accessories are available to for CIMILRE’s breast pumps

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Our Journey

“We value the quality of health, safety, and happiness for babies and mums.”

CIMILRE started with because we see the inconvenience faced by breastfeeding mothers. That is the reason we designed lightweight, easy-to-carry breast pump.

Our products are developed and produced with this in mind as moms around the world use CIMILRE’s products in their everyday lives.

Our Promise

Cimilre Co. Ltd was acclaimed as the winner for the Global Market with Top Quality Breast Pump in July 2017. Cimilre breast pumps are now available to USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.