What’s your return policy?

Return any of our products–no questions asked–within 7 days of purchase. This is conditional on the products being as new i.e. they must be completely unused, in unopened packaging and in saleable condition.

Do you ship overseas and to P.O. boxes?

We ship your package anywhere in Australia that can accept deliveries. For all order above $100, delivery is FREE! This offer does not apply to pump hire.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions via email info@cimilre.com.au

How do I become an affiliate?

We know that the growth of our brand is through words of mouth. We think it makes total sense to build on this with an affiliate program so that you can be rewarded with cash if you tell a friend about Cimilre and they end up buying from us. That is a win for everyone! Register below to become an affiliate

About the Cimilre Affiliate Program

It’s pretty simple! You’ll get a unique link, and you can share it on your website or blog (if you have one), on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email – wherever. If people get interested in the product and click the link, that info will be stored in a cookie on our site. If they wind up buying a product from us, then you’ll get a commission of 10% on the sale.

Payments will happen through PayPal, so enter in your PayPal address where it says ‘Payment Email’ below when you register.

If you are a good blog writer, or can contribute some great content (video, pics, blog posts) that we could share on our site, we will even include your referral link right on our site. This means that when we share your content through our own social media channels & email, you will get a comission on any sales that come through that content. And yes, you totally can include a bio blurb and links to your own social media accounts ?

Just complete the form below. If you don’t have a website, just leave that field blank. For ‘Payment Email’ put the PayPal address you want to be paid to. You can answer the question on ‘how will you promote us’ any way you like, with as much information as you like. You can also use this field to ask any questions you might have.

Bear in mind that our affiliate program is super new, and we definitely want feedback from you on how to make it work more smoothly or how we can improve. Welcome aboard!


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    How do I register the warranty?

    As soon as you have bought a product from us, please register your product here. It only takes two minutes!

      Product Model *

      There is no warranty support on purchases ordered from overseas or unauthorised resellers. All our breast pumps in Australia carry serial numbers have the prefix "AUS3" followed by a eight digit number.

      Retailer Contacts

      Provide the Address and Phone Number if bought from a store otherwise the Website address

      How do I make a warranty claim?

      CIMILRE provide a 1 year warranty on the pump motor and a 6 month warranty on parts for all products purchased through us via our website or through one of our authorised channels. There is no warranty support on purchases ordered from overseas or unauthorised resellers. The warranty provided for herein applies only to the first purchaser or gift recipient of the product. All our breast pumps in Australia carry serial numbers that start with “AUXX+XXXXXXXX”. Click here for warranty claim:

      e.g Spectra website on 25/12/13


      You can find the serial number on the bottom of the pump
      When the pump is turned on, can you see the diaphragms inside the backflow protectors moving back and forth?