Our Story

CIMILRE is a leading global manufacturer for nursing and baby care products. It was founded since 1999 by Uzinmedical Co., Ltd serving under the brand, SPECTRA & CIMILRE, until January 2016, when it spun off as an independent company and brand. With 16 years of experience in the market, CIMILRE has continuously put in rigorous effort in the research and development to introduce innovative and competitive products including its own electric powered breast pumps, UV sterilizers, and Combo (UV sterilizer + Pumps). As specialists in the manufacturing field of nursing and baby products, CIMILRE continue to extend the quality of our products and services from design to development, and production to provide OEM/ODM and various services to meet the satisfaction of our clients requirements.

Our History

1988 – Samsung Electronics Home Appliances R & D

1998 – Established postpartum care center

1999 – Eugene Medicare co-founded CTO (development and production)

2000 – Developed Korea’s first domestic breast pump (Spectra 1)

2002 – Spectra 2 Development

2004 – Spectra 3 development

2007 – Developed Spectra DEW

2010 – Developed CIMILRE S2

2012 – Developed CIMILRE S1 / 9 + and many others

2015 – CIMILRE incorporated

2016 – Spin-off from Spectra to launch CIMILRE brand. F1 / S3 electric breast pump (KGMP / KFDA filled)
CU / CW series bottle sterilizer, etc. Launched as CIMILRE brand. Extend R&D line for quality improvement and innovative products. Developed portable mini bottle sterilizer UV mini / portable battery B1 launched
CIMILRE Wide PESU bottle

2017 – Obtained FDA certification Obtained
CE medical device 3rd Obtained
ISO 13485